KLEIBER builds, if technically possible, according to the customer. The possibilities range from a special measuring range up to a complete unit.

Every application has its own requirements and if the "standard units" are not sufficient, simply contact our technical staff. They can advise you about the options which will fit to your application.

Possible modifications to the device

  • Modified temperature range
  • Modified filter
  • Modified spectral range
  • Cable length
  • Cable connections
  • Increased emissivity
  • Modified measuring distances and spot sizes
  • Custom device holders

Example of a complete device "Special measuring station"

  • Unit for connection of three additional fibre optics using fiber optics cable
  • Each one optical head has its own spectral range
  • Emissivity adjuster
  • Digital temperature display at the station
  • Connection to the PC via USB
  • The evaluation software takes all three measurement values at once (thus perfect synchronization of three pyrometers)
  • Response time of 500 microseconds
  • Special measuring station