The company "KLEIBER Pyrometer" was founded in 1964 by Dipl.-Ing. Heinz KLEIBER († 2006) as partnership in Erlangen/Germany. Dipl.-Ing. Heinz Kleiber is said to be one of the pioneers in the area of non-contact temperature measurement. All pyrometers and devices developed by KLEIBER were always ahead of its time. From the very beginning the KLEIBER products were specialised for very fast temperature measurement processes in research and development areas and the industries. When he started his business KLEIBER had only one pyrometer with no variety.

In 2000 the company KLEIBER Pyrometer was transformed into the renamed firm KLEIBER Spezialpyrometer.In 2003 the company moved to its recent facilities in Saalfeld/ Germany. The move was driven by the fact that KLEIBER wanted to expand its development and production capacities. The new facility in Saalfeld allowed the company to grow in any direction including the staff. In 2004 the company was renamed again and since that time operated under the name KLEIBER Infrared GmbH. From May 2006 to August 2010 KLEIBER was integrated into LumaSense Technologies and produced, among other things, the pyrometer series IGA 315-K, IGA 740, IGA 740-LO, KTG 218 and KTS 218 and also the calibration source series IRC 45 ... IRC 150.
Since 2010, the company operates completely on its own again as KLEIBER Infrared GmbH and offers all the products directly.

Today KLEIBER offers beside High Speed pyrometers also high accurate pyrometers for special applications, temperature measuring stations, different black bodies and bench units for nearly every application in non-contact temperature measurement. Beside our product portfolio our number of qualified work force has increased steadily over the last years.

The range of applications for pyrometers has increased continuously over the years. KLEIBER pyrometer can be found in more than 30 different branches today. Especially they are used in laboratories of laser applications or material research.

Many areas have been realising the benefit of using non-contact temperature measurement right now. The faster the processes and the technologies became in the future the more the demand for High Speed pyrometer of KLEIBER will increase. This will help us to expand our business and strengthen our position as market leader for High Speed pyrometers.

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