Questionnaire for your application

A very detailed description of your application helps us to find the best solution. The more specific the description, the more easily and more quickly we can offer you a suitable pyrometer.

About you

  • Company
  • Department / Contact person
  • Box office / Street
  • Area code, Town
  • Country
  • Phone
  • Telefax
  • E-Mail

About the measuring task

  • In which process or application the temperature should be measured?
  • What material should be measured?
    • What is the surface texture of the material or object to be measured?
    • As the material is heated?
    • What size is the target?
    • How big the area to be measured (spot size) is?
    • What distance to the object must be maintained?
    • Is the emissivity of the object known?
    • Is the measurement object moving?
  • Laser application?
    • Type of laser
    • Wavelength
    • Performance
  • In what temperature range should be measured?
    In what time period the temperature measurement has to been done?
  • May occur intermediate disturbances in the measurement beam path?
    • Measurement window
    • The optics can become contaminated
  • Which measurement signal output is required?
    • 0...20 mA,  4...20 mA
    • 0...10 V
    • RS 485, USB
    • Switching contact
  • How should the measurement signal can be processed?
    • Display, controller
    • Software on the PC
  • Are / were already used other methods of measurement?
    • Contact measurement
    • Other pyrometer
  • Often, a vivid sketch of the measuring structure is helpful.
  • Other details that were not mentioned above?